Welcome new mom home with this care package filled with all natural and nourishing ingredients, perfect for mom and baby alike! Mango Mommy from Scentcerae® gift care box includes: 1 x minimal waste belly butter in a 3oz. amber glass jar packed with skin loving ingredients including mango butter rich in vitamins to target scars and stretch marks and magnesium for targeting cramping muscles and a good night’s rest. 1 x Lip care mango balm is 100% natural to nourish dry lips and comes in a .25oz. biodegradable push up paperboard tube with certified compostable label. 3 x Mango Mommy Sitz Bath Salts - 1oz. each for that natural sitz bath soak with magnesium epsom salts, sodium bicarbonate, colloidal oat powder, mango seed powders, and desert chamomile. Salts come in a glass tube that can be reused or recycled when empty. 1 x 3.5 oz Nursing Balm for the breast feeding mom. No need to wipe off before nursing; this formula is made using organic beeswax, mango butter, shea butter, rice bran oil, calendula flower and Vitamin E.
Additional information
Place of Manufacture AZ, Pheonix
Unit Size "3oz. Belly Butter 3.5oz. Nursing Balm .25oz Mango Lip Balm 3oz. Natural Sitz Bath Soak"
Ingredients Please see product label for ingredients on this product
Vendor Scent Cerae
Product Values Cruelty-Free, Gluten Free, Organic, Plant Based, Plastic Free


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Scent Cerae New Mommy Care Set – Mango

$42.00 Sales Tax

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