Vitamin Skin Lotion from Scentcerae® is packed with vitamins, minerals and plant enzymes which work to hydrate, restore & renew your skin. This cream is readily absorbed into the skin, providing your tissues the essential elements they need without using toxic/chemical stabilizers or preservatives with parabens. It comes in a recyclable amber glass jar.
Additional information
Lotion Type Standard - VSL3JARF, Oil Taming - VSL3JARL, Dry Soothing - VSL3JARR, Sensitive - VSL3JARS
Place of Manufacture AZ, Pheonix
Unit Size 3oz. in an amber glass jar
Ingredients Please see product label for ingredients on this product
Vendor Scent Cerae
Product Values Cruelty-Free, Organic, Plant Based


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Scent Cerae Vitamin Skin Lotion

$22.00 Sales Tax

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