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The products on our site are all made in America, are almost 100% plastic-free, and come in minimal packaging.

They come from small businesses located around the US.


  • Plas-TEA-ic – How your Tea Might Contain Plastic
    What’s really in your cup of tea? Many people are unaware that there are billions of plastic particles steeped into their tea after brewing a cup.
  • What’s truly the burn?
    Candles and scents are an excellent way to relax, set ambiance, and calm the mind. However, did you know the potential harm of what you may be burning. Not all candles are created equal and we discuss some of the benefits and potential drawbacks of using the right candles in your home.
  • Up, Up, Up, and Bidet!!!
    What is a bidet and what its potential benefits? Here we explore this amazing appliance and why our bidet is an excellent investment for both your wallet and your backside.