USA Bidet H1 – Stainless Steel USA Bidet

Upon researching the most sustainable types of toilet paper, we found that the most sustainable option was to not use toilet paper AT ALL! This stainless steel bidet attachment goes under your toilet seat and comes from USABidet in Weaverville, NC. It is sourced from American stainless steel and is assembled by high-schoolers and retirees in the local community of Weaverville. In moving towards more sustainable options, this product also is much more hygienic than using traditional toilet paper. The H1-Bidet comes with all of the hardware you need for installation and has the USABidet 6-month guarantee. Unlike many other bidet attachments, this is made from a solid stainless steel construction and is backed by a 30-year design. My partner and I live in an apartment building with small bathroom and the H1-Bidet has been an easy installation into our toilet and lives. Important note: This bidet installation is drilled into your current toilet seat and cannot be installed into a flimsy seat. See the installation video HERE.
Additional information
Variations Right Handed, Left Handed
Place of Manufacture NC, Weaverville
Unit Size 1 x H1 USA Bidet seat attachment and all accessories
Ingredients Stainless Steel Manufactured in the USA
Product Values Handmade


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