Clay & Shea Shower Drops from Scentcerae® are 100% minimal waste. These all natural face and body cleansers are chemical free, environmentally friendly, and a sustainable option to wash your face and body without the worry of harmful ingredients or micro plastics in your skincare routine. This compact soap is ideal for travelers as one drop will last for 3+ washes and takes up almost no space. This is for 20 shower drops in a compostable bag. SEA CLAY & SHEA suited for the sensitive skin types. Active ingredients include sea clay, shea butter, jojoba wax, oats, lavender buds, lavender & soapberry powder, and organic lavender essential oil. ROSE CLAY & SHEA is perfect for dry skin types. If your skin feels tight, ashy, and dry most of the time, this formula is for you. Active ingredients include rose kaolin clay, shea butter, jojoba wax, oats, rose buds, beetroot, rose hip & soapberry powders + rose geranium essential oil. LAVA CLAY & SHEA is great if you have oily shiny skin. Active ingredients include activated charcoal & bentonite clay, shea butter, jojoba wax, oats, dried chamomile, lemon & soapberry powders. FIG CLAY & SHEA is our standard for those looking for a balanced formula. Packed with all skin loving ingredients including rhassoul & kaolin clay, shea butter, jojoba wax, oats, fig, frankincense oil, vanilla, and soapberry powders."
Additional information
Scent Fig (Standard) - SD20BAGF, Lava (Oily Skin) - SD20BAGL, Rose (Dry Skin) - SD20BAGR, Sea (Sensative Skin) - SD20BAGS
Place of Manufacture AZ, Pheonix
Unit Size 20 drops packaged in compostable bag
Ingredients Please see product label for ingredients on this product
Vendor Scent Cerae
Product Values Cruelty-Free, Gluten Free, Organic, Plant Based, Plastic Free, Vegan Friendly


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$18.00 Sales Tax


Scent Cerae Shower Drops – Solid Shampoo and Body Wash

$18.00 Sales Tax

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