This fabric tissue box is made to fit our reusable tissues from Saged.Home. Fold them into each other so they pop right through the opening. Folded pile of twelve tissues slides in the opening on the top. Eclectic style | Soft Surroundings | Unique Home Decor This makes a great gift for anyone trying to be more conscious of their homes waste production, as well as anyone with a taste for the unique and eclectic. Pair this with our Handmade Hamper as a receptacle for dirty tissues.
Additional information
Place of Manufacture Portland, OR
Unit Size 1 fabric tissue box Option: 12 reusable tissues + $6
Ingredients 100% Cotton Flannel Tissues, Various fabric tissue box
Vendor Saged.Home
Design Grey, Blue Waves, Leaves, Navy, White
Packaging Biodegradable/recyclable shipper
Product Values Gluten Free, Handmade, Plant Based, Plastic Free, Vegan Friendly
Reusable Tissues Tissue Pouch Only, Add 12 Reusable Tissues + $6


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$32.00$38.00 Sales Tax


Saged.Home Fabric Tissue Pouch w/t Reusable Tissues

$32.00$38.00 Sales Tax

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