Saged.Home Cotton Facial Rounds

Cotton Facial Rounds bring you one step closer to going zero waste in your skincare routine. These rounds are made with 100% Cotton Flannel so they are very soft on your skin, absorbent, and easy to wash! The accompanying glass jar allows you to keep the rounds clean and ready for use, wet or dry! You can pour in your favorite toner, astringent, makeup remover, or cleansing solution and have rounds ready to use any time. Or you can store them in the jar to keep them clean and dry and apply your solution to one round right before use. The versatility of having them in a sleek glass jar can't be beat. Kit comes with 30 rounds per jar. Toss them in the wash with like colors and tumble dry. Reuse and repeat! These are made by the Saged.Home from the remnants of their other cotton flannel products to help reduce the waste their shop produces. Choose the surprise me option for a mix and match combo of patterns! Easily pair these with our Handmade Hamper as a storage receptacle for used Rounds.
Additional information
Place of Manufacture Portland, OR
Unit Size 30 rounds/jar
Ingredients 100% Cotton Flannel Round, Polyester Stitching for added strength
Vendor Saged.Home
Design White, Coral Edge, Surprise me!
Packaging Biodegradable/recyclable shipper Optional: Glass Jar
Product Values Gluten Free, Handmade, Plant Based, Plastic Free, Vegan Friendly
Container Rounds Only, Glass Jar + $3.95


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