Up, Up, Up, and Bidet!!!

bidet stream

“My life will forever be divided into two segments: Before I ever used a bidet, and the age of enlightenment”


What is a bidet? Bidet comes from the French word for, ‘pony’ indicating that it is something intended to be straddled. Bidets provide a water source intended to clean your privates and are akin to a shower solely for your pelvic region. They can come in various shapes and sizes- as a standalone appliance, as a hand-held shower nozzle, or as an add-on appliance under your toilet seat. These options fit a range of intended bathroom setups and can be adapted to any number of configurations. With the various options come a range of prices as well. Standalone units often cost the most and require more space while handheld nozzles and toilet attachments can be as cheap as $20 for a quick fix.

Standalone bidet on the left next to toilet
Hand-held shower nozzle

Add-on under seat application

In the United States, the bidet has not caught on as quickly as it has in other countries. We at Ecolimpet think that this is an incredible mistake. Studies have shown that not only can a bidet significantly reduce the amount of toilet paper used (or eliminate it all together), but it can also positively affect your health. That’s right! A gentle stream of refreshing water will not only help clean your sensitive areas, but it can also relieve pressure reducing the risk of hemorrhoids. In the morning, it will get you moving faster than a doppio of espresso!

With so many options out there, what makes our Bidet at Ecolimpet special? We have partnered with USABidet to find a completely stainless steel under-toilet attachment that can fit in almost any bathroom. The steel is completely American made and is assembled in the local community of Weaverville, NC. They have been in business for over 30 years, carefully constructing a bidet system that is easy to use and specifically crafted to take gentle care of your backside. We understand that you can find cheaper plastic alternatives that are made overseas and have jet stream cleaning capability. However, if you are looking for American-made ingenuity that is specifically crafted to take care of your underside, we stand-by (rather sit-by) the USA Bidet that will elevate your bathroom experience. At Ecolimpet, we got your back.