Supplier Spotlight: Solyd

Ecolimpet: What have been some of your biggest challenges in creating your business?

Tessa: The biggest challenge has been getting exposure for my product and getting the word out there. I know people want a low waste, sustainable cleaner, and I know my product works very well, but making people aware that this product is available has been the hardest part.

Ecolimpet: What has been your toughest mess to clean using Solyd?

Tessa: We use it on the grout in the shower, and it works very well, a pretty tough area to clean usually.

Ecolimpet: If you could do anything for a day, what would you do- like the perfect day on holiday?

Tessa: The perfect day for me would be relaxing on a beach or at a river, then having a nice dinner with friends and family and enjoying their company.

Tessa’s home workstation from which she launched the Solyd idea, brand, and formula.

Ecolimpet: What advice or suggestions would you have for people trying to limit their waste and be more environmentally conscious? As a business and in your personal life, how do you follow these things yourself? 

Tessa: Don’t get too tunnel visioned with only the packaging of a product. Consider the sustainability of the entire product’s life cycle. Also remember that the responsibility of a product being sustainable lies on the producer of that product, not the consumer. Do your best to shop minimally and sustainably, but we shouldn’t feel guilty for using what we need.

Most household cleaners are composed of 90% water. This added water greatly increases shipping costs, space requirements, packaging considerations (often in plastic), and water movement. By creating the Solyd cleaner, Tessa has continued to champion the environment and the massive shift away from single use plastics.

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