Harmony Heritage Farm has been hand-crafting their soap since 2008. Each hard, long-lasting bar soap is a luxurious twist on an old-fashioned classic. Let your skin be cleansed and rejuvenated with creamy bubbly sheep milk soap straight from the Pacific Northwest. Each batch of sheep milk soap is made with love--and the incredibly nutrient rich milk from the family flock of spoiled grass-fed ewes. Sheep milk is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and skin-healthy oils. They use 100% sheep milk and cream- no dilution with water- and their fragrances and ingredients are locally sourced. All of these soap options are PALM FREE and all herbal additives are grown and dried on Harmony Heritage Farm. Bars are hand-stamped and wrapped, and ingredients listed on the back of each bar.
Additional information
Scent Lemon Blossom Scrub Bar, French Lavender Soap Bar, Rosemary Mint Soap Bar, Blackberry Sage Scrub Soap Bar, Woodsman Soap Bar, Yogurt Parfait Facial Soap Bar
Place of Manufacture WA, Mossyrock
Unit Size 1 x 3oz. bar of soap
Ingredients Please see product label for ingredients on this product
Vendor Harmony Heritage Farm
Product Values Cruelty-Free, Farm Produced, Handmade, Organic, Plastic Free


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Harmony Heritage Farm Handcrafted Sheep’s Milk Soap

$12.50 Sales Tax

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