Supplier Spotlight: Lora’s Beauty

Lora's Beauty
Lora's Beauty

Ecolimpet: Why did you start Lora’s Beauty and what considerations pushed you to create your business? 

Lora: Lora’s Beauty grew out of my desire to find quality, inexpensive, natural skin care products that are good for my skin and the environment. I love elevating everyday items into something luxurious and affordable.

Ecolimpet: What have been some of your biggest challenges in creating your business?

Lora: First starting out, my biggest challenge was reaching people through my website. It wasn’t until I joined Etsy that my traffic and my sales increased. Last year, during the pandemic and still even today, shipping delays and misdirected packages now pose my biggest obstacle.

Ecolimpet: What is your favorite product that you make? (For me it is your cinnamon goat’s milk soap! Those bars are absolutely awesome and smell amazing!)

Lora: Thank you for the kind words! I really enjoy making all my cold processed soaps which is why I’ve been reluctant to branch out into other areas like, lotions, bath salts etc. I like that my brand is primarily cold processed soaps because they’re not something just anyone can make. They involve a little technical knowledge yet can still be very artistic.

Ecolimpet: If you could do anything for a day, what would you do- like the perfect day on holiday?

Lora: The perfect day for me would include a little bit of a lot of things. A little bit of sunshine (but not too hot), a couple hours of soap making, a little bike ride, a little gardening and sewing, a nice dinner out and drinks with friends. I approach my life like I do my business, I like to make even the everyday pleasurable.

Ecolimpet: What advice or suggestions would you have for people trying to limit their waste and be more environmentally conscious? As a business and as a mom, how do you follow these things yourself? 

Lora: I think the best way to limit your waste and be more environmentally conscious is to limit your footprint. At an individual level it’s hard to make huge impacts, but it’s still important to train yourself to make smart decisions. Examples of smart decisions and limiting my footprint that I’ve tried to live by are buying as few things as possible in plastic containers, choosing to live in an area where I can walk to shops and services, bicycling to work, and buying second hand when possible. When you do these things everyday they become second nature and everyone benefits.

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Lora with her bicycle full and ready to deliver soap to the post and fulfill orders!