Supplier Spotlight: Kaylaan

Kaylaan is the Nepalese word for, "Wishing you good health"
Kaylaan is the Nepalese word for, "Wishing you good health"

Kaylaan is a chewable toothpaste company that completely eliminates the need for a toothpaste tube. The company founders, Deepti and Wells, live and operate their business out of New York, NY. Together they have created their line of chewable toothpaste out of the ethos, ‘change begins with me.’ As an engineer and toxicologist respectively, Deepti and Wells developed their Kaylaan brand with the environment and usability in mind. 

 So, what is chewable toothpaste or toothpaste tablets? It is a solid alternative to traditional toothpaste and comes in easily recyclable or compostable packaging. The World Health Organization recognizes the power of preventative medicine and has therefore recommended people brush their teeth twice daily, using six tubes of toothpaste per year per individual. One order of these chewable toothpaste bites comes with 90 tablets (45 days worth), takes up smaller space, and comes in a recyclable/reusable tin or compostable packaging (refill option). 

Kaylaan tins with chewable toothpaste
Kaylaan Reusable Tin

I had been brushing my teeth with tubed toothpaste for as long as I can remember. I grew up on this and it is all I had known. It wasn’t until I started to research sustainable options that I even realized that there were other options available. By making this simple switch, I can help eliminate 6 tubes of toothpaste from going to landfills every year. This may not sound like a lot, but if millennials in the United States alone (people aged 25-40) made the switch away from tubed toothpaste, this could potentially eliminate 432 million tubes from going to a landfill every year. Just pop one tab in your mouth, chew, and brush like normal – it has a slightly different taste and mouthfeel than a traditional toothpaste, but the oral benefits are just the same and the environmental benefits speak for themselves!

Kaylaan mint toothpaste bites
Kaylaan Mint Toothpaste Bites