Greener Clean Designs Laundry Stain Remover Stick

All natural stain remover stick used to pre-treat tough laundry stains. This small 2oz. square is perfect for use on the go. Carry one with you to treat stains when they happen. Can also be used as a pretreatment for tough stains before laundering or to clean spots and stains off of comforters and large blankets. To clean stains: - Simply wet the area where stain is located - Rub stain remover bar over the stain - Scrub using scrub brush or hands - Rinse thoroughly from opposite side of fabric so that water runs towards the side of the fabric with the stain - Allow fabric to dry or launder your item as you normally would To spot clean large comforters or blanket, blot the stain or spot with water, dampen rag or cloth and rub spot remover stick on cloth, blot stain using damp rag. Made from low sudsing, all natural ingredients that are safe for use in all washing machines. Natural ingredients are better for you and the planet! As with all of our products these are packaged using zero plastic and minimal packaging. These laundry stain remover bars are handmade, cold processed soaps so their edges may be slightly imperfect. Pair this with our laundry detergent for exceptionally clean and environmentally friendly wash! All of our products are shipped in recyclable packaging. Please reuse or recycle!
Additional information
Place of Manufacture OH, Madison-On-The-Lake
Unit Size 2oz. Bar
Ingredients Sodium Cocoate (Saponified Coconut Oil), Aqua (Water).
Vendor Greener Clean Designs
Product Values Gluten Free, Handmade, Plant Based, Plastic Free, Vegan Friendly


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