All natural biodegradable laundry soap made from super washing soda and fragrance free castile soap. •Fragrance free •All natural •minimal waste •safe for HE washing machines •lasts for 50-60 loads (32oz. jar) Use one tablespoon per load. For top loading machines add one tablespoon while the washing machine is filling with water. For HE machines dissolve one tablespoon in one cup of water before adding to soap dispenser. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you would like to add a light scent to your laundry. All of our products are shipped in recyclable/reusable packaging.
Additional information
Place of Manufacture OH, Madison-On-The-Lake
Unit Size 8oz. ~ 20 loads, 32oz. ~ 60 loads
Ingredients Castile Soap, Washing Soda.
Vendor Greener Clean Designs
Product Values Gluten Free, Handmade, Plastic Free, Vegan Friendly


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Greener Clean Designs Biodegradable Laundry Soap

$13.00$25.00 Sales Tax

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