The Cavanagh House – Sustainable Community Support in Baltimore

The Cavanagh House

The Cavanagh House is redefining sustainable community support in Baltimore. Through their free trades program they are devoted to helping individuals, 17 and older, gain financial stability by providing the training, support, and opportunities needed to learn a trade and gain a career. With each learned skill, their students are given the opportunity to earn money while mastering that skill under the supervision of an instructor. These students make a variety of high quality items using materials and cloth that is donated/recycled surplus from brand name operations. 

The Cavanagh House promoting Sustainable Community Support in Baltimore

The organization does not stop there! Upon completion of the entire skills program, students enter a paid apprenticeship program. Through this program, students will continue to earn money while gaining the experience needed to obtain a job in their trade. Through the unbelievable support of the Cavanagh House, students may stay in this program until a job is secured. 

The Cavanagh House is located in the outskirts of Baltimore, MD and truly embraces its sustainable community support. The poverty level in Maryland is $24,300 for a family of four. Many students at The Cavanagh House live below that level. Having the opportunity to enter their training program and learn the trade of upholstery, sewing, or surface pattern design, will be life changing for these individuals. 

  • A career in upholstery earns a median salary of $52,835/yr.

  • A career as a seamstress/tailor earns a median salary of $58,000/yr.

  • A career as a surface pattern designer has an earning potential of $158,000/yr.

The Cavanagh House is a volunteer driven organization. 100% of money raised goes towards their mission. Money is raised through their online retail store, pop-up boutique, fundraisers, grants, and private donations.

reupholster projects from the Cavanagh House sustainable community efforts in balitmore
Reupholstered projects
reupholstered set of 6 chairs from sustainable community efforts in balitmore
reupholster projects help fuel sustainable community efforts in balitmore