Kaylaan is the Nepalese word for, "Wishing you good health"

Supplier Spotlight: Kaylaan


Deepti and Wells are the founders of Kaylaan toothpaste tablets. Kaylaan is the Nepalese way to say, ‘wishing you good health,’ and they sincerely mean it. Come explore this company that is looking out for your oral health as well as its environmental impact.

Supplier Spotlight: Mother Truffula


Laura started making her own personal care products when she was pregnant with her son, Leif. Her curiosity and love of plant-based products eventually lead Laura to create her Mother Truffula line of handmade products. Six years later, Laura is still creating these products by hand for her customers and her family.

Supplier Spotlight: Solyd


Tessa has creatively engineered a homemade all-purpose cleaner in a powdered form. This ingenious method that she calls Solyd comes in a fully biodegradable bag and is environmentally friendly.

Lora's Beauty

Supplier Spotlight: Lora’s Beauty


Lora from Lora’s Beauty has repurposed her basement to cold process the soaps she makes for her business. Here we feature this fantastic supplier and some of her excitement in creating her wonderful handmade product.

Supplier Spotlight: Scentcerae


Sherae and Partner out hiking the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim- May 2021

Here are some insights behind the Scentcerae brand and the motivations behind their sustainably sourced and made products. This post includes some suggestions from Sherae on how to live more sustainably.